A colorful rendezvous of everything and nothing set on a canvass sprawling an overlooked confine of cyberspace. Painted with an eclectic amalgamation of torrential bursts of intellect and free-flowing natural idiocies. Welcome to #Ateneo Dalnet, your virtual hill between the earth and sky. Banged-up, dog-tired, broken-hearted or simply bored to death? Sure, everyone goes through such moments; the same way that everyone takes turns playing bully, boss, lover and entertainer. Whatever the social need, one needs not look around too much to find their home in the #Ateneo. Here, ducks take to the skies alongside eagles while hunters shoot at both their prey and each other; all in the name of fair game. Here, hearts beat to the constant rhythm of life’s passionate battle song; Heartstrong. Come in. Park. Observe. Goof around. Make friends. Fall in love. This is the #Ateneo Way. Welcome and enjoy your stay!