#Ateneo Dalnet Channel Rules

Everyone is welcome regardless of origin, race or creed. #Ateneo Dalnet will not tolerate any form of racism or religious intolerance.

In order to maintain a healthy atmosphere and a welcome channel environment, chatters are encouraged to be considerate and to refrain from trolling or other deliberate actions that would promote conflict and division within the community.

As a guideline, The #Ateneo Dalnet administration will not tolerate any of the below-listed actions (in order to ensure a pleasant chatting experience for everyone):

1. Flooding

2. Inappropriateness and profanity

3. Repetitive text (Excessive)

4. Advertising and Inviting to other channels.

5. Posting of pornographic content, links to phishing and fraudulent websites

6. Use of inappropriate/offensive nicknames and obnoxious idents

7. Excessive clones

8. Deliberate acts of disruption like flooding, harassment, and other forms of abuse

9. Excessive use of uppercase letters

10. @ begging


If you’re having personal problems and are not in a good mood do NOT join the channel. If you are desperate to talk to someone online stay in status and chat them in private. Avoid being rude in main channel. If you feel you’ve been annoyed by some of user’s PM any online operator/s, just show logs to support your complaint then they will dealt it accordingly. REMEMBER IRC IS A PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT.